Atlas (aka Jamie Draper) is a musician and beatmaker hailing from the melting pot of Huddersfield. Atlas made his first appearance on the Highest Frequency Prelude EP and then followed up with one of the stand out tracks featured on the full length compilation, Highest Frequency Vol. 1.

His music aspires to an organic sound within an electronic framework. Loosely grounded in Hip-Hop territory, his influences include Shigeto, Prefuse 73, FlyLo and Dilla. In addition to making noise with computers, Atlas is a professional programmer and enjoys coding the nights away. He makes a mean omelette and is astoundingly bad at rollerblading. He’s very friendly, and likes to talk.

Atlas has been away from the boards for a while, but continues to play and develop his classic piano skills. He lives in Stalybridge with his fiancé and their dog.

“If anyone out there is still listening I love you.”


Atlas’ Music on Saving Grace

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