We catch up with the extremely talented Mancunian writer Skittles…with a new single and video “Problematic” out now on his own label.

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Afternoon fella, hows tricks, can you tell the people who you are and what you do?

Safe g. I’m skittles I do what I want…

Tell us about your early years, did you have music in your household or did you have to go out and find it…. what kind of music would you hear as a kid?

Loads of music in my gaff. My dad was a DJ. An his dad played piano an his dad was Mozart.

Linage right thurr lol….

So your new single Problematic is out now, it’s quite an emotive track isn’t it? can you tell the readers a little about what the tracks is about, what inspired you to write such and honest track?

It’s about bein a propa knob, But avin a laugh …..and then cryin a bit… and then laughin more and just kind of doin that to yourself… Get me?

Yeap!!……Can you tell us about the producers of the track? Are they people you’ve always worked with or is it a brand new relationship?

Nah they are my mates from the band. And I’ve worked with bricks for so long it’s like I can here him in songs he’s not in.

With the rise of trap & drill it seems like Hip Hop used to be more lyric driven, how do you view the new wave of emcees? Generally do you think things are better or worse artistically?

Shit!…and what the fuck is drill?

Are there any artists you’re really impressed with right now?


What is your process like? Who does what?

I do everything.

What was the name of the first song you ever made?

Fuck knows.

What’s the story with the new label, its it yours? Can we expect anything in the pipeline?

PROPATOP is a money laundering operation I set up to wash all the money I make from underground rap battlin. But I am signing artists.

Right random head scratching question If you could travel back in time and chat to a 10 year old Skittles, what would you say?
Go and learn about the Internet.

Where can people find out more about you and your music?

They can’t. You’ve really GOTTA try. I’ve not got a doll in toy shops or anythin.
When u hear some it’s special

You can purchase the single via the PropaTop Bandcamp:

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