Savvy drops a teaser..

Savvy releases a teaser for his new single “Endurance feat / The War Of Art”

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Savvy aka Asaviour gets ready to release a new single “Endurance” video starring Jezreel Joseph a man that turned family tragedy to triumph.

Endurance tells the story of a man that turned his life around by meeting his own issues head on, this is his battle…

Former clinically obese Electrical Engineer weighed close to 21 stones before he altered his diet and exercise regime before subsequently shedding close to 6 stones in fat, bringing the effects of his diabetes to a minimum.

Jezreel said “Seeing how un-diagnosed diabetes brought my grandfather to his demise and then losing my mate Phil at the age of 31 (from a different cause) became a turning point, I gained a new perspective on just how precious life is and took a firm stand for my health and future.”

Form there the charity Diabetes UK charity requested that Jez be an ambassador in the recent London Marathon and run for them. Lynsey Hughes, Fundraising Events Manager at Diabetes UK said: “We are extremely grateful to Jez for his hard work – running a marathon is no mean feat! His fundraising effort will help fund ground-breaking research, care services and campaigns that can change the lives of those living with diabetes.”

The video which is released on the 27th of October tells the story of what it took for Jez to prepare himself for the London Marathon

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