Stuart Haffenden a.k.a. Orrest is a sound artist and software programmer from Mexico. Orrest’s work encompasses a broad range of styles and formats of digital art. He has worked on innovative projects focusing on interactive music software development and multi-channel composition. His moniker is derived from Orrest Head in the Lake District.

Orrest contributed the epic track Somewhere in Here for Highest Frequency Vol.1, and the equally epic closing track Learning Mechanisms for the Highest Frequency Prelude EP.

Currently based in Manchester, Orrest continues to create spellbinding audio artworks. His release WeatherSystems is a generative composition driven by 30 hours of weather data collected in the Lake District. This piece was presented at the International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD 2019).

“When adequately stimulated I produce a varying range of sounds and noises.”


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