Abax is Luke Reed, a musician, storyteller, film-maker, and senior lecturer in audio & music technology at University of the West of England Bristol. He is also a skilled DJ and aficionado of all kinds of electronic music. A little known fact: Luke originally taught Dubstep legend Guido how to produce back in the day.

Luke’s current work as a practitioner and lecturer at UWE Bristol combines audio post-production with cutting edge 3D spatial audio and videogame technologies. He has worked on international films, games, VR/XR, and online media projects. Luke has published a number of academic papers on topics including VR (virtual reality), 3D user interfaces, music, and immersive interactive audio.

Luke Reed at UWE Bristol.

“Blending audio post-production with emerging game and 3D spatial audio technologies.”

Luke Reed (Abax)

Abax’s Music on Saving Grace

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