Arshaw is Richard McCormick, a composer, musician and visual creator originally from Sheffield, now based in London. Arshaw makes “eclectic bass centric music and “neo garage” (Mixmag), with a focus on lush and other-worldly creations.”

It was from growing up in a musical family and learning drums at an early age, that Arshaw knew music would play a major part in his life. He started out playing drums in rock bands, then became interested in electronic music and production, drawing influence from House, Techno, Juke, and Hip-Hop.

Arshaw delivered the colourful future garage banger Troppico for Highest Frequency Vol.1.

Arshaw has released music through a number of labels including 2019 recordings, All Over It Records, and Tipping Point.

“I would describe my sound as either progressive or evolving, mostly due to how varied my productions are as well as how quickly I discover and get influenced by new aesthetics.”


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