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With a new video entitled “XUR” out at the moment we talk to EATGOOD Records artist Gen Uchiha , a talented Emcee, Animator, Comic Writer & Anime Enthusiast we find out more about what hes been up to.

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Morning Gen hows it going?

Peace and chakra bro

First off give the readers a little info about yourself, where are you from what do you do?

Born up north and raised in the Midlands,  primarily an Artist but my exposure to music left me with some extra skills.

Tell us about your early years, was music in your household or did you have to go out and find it?

I was Influenced by music without knowing it at the time. My mom was the only woman her age I knew at the time listening to both Jill Scott and Kate bush.  Definitely alternative sounds I owned rock cds before hiphop ones.

What was the name of your first song?

First complete song was ‘Step back’ I was 15 maybe. I’d rapped and done grime prior, but this was the first time I produced and mixed everything myself.

Your quite an interesting character aren’t you. You rap, design comic books & make computer games right?

Yeah creating my own video games is the first career dream I remember having. Everything else just came from growth and experience with the skills, self, other people, and life really.

You’ve worked with various people and lived in a few areas but your in Birmingham/Wolverhampton now right home to Eatgood records how has that experience been working with the Eatgood family?

EATGOOD had been in my life longer than most people realise. The first time I freestyled on stage was with Soweto and Kosyne at the drum way back. Its was almost like jacket you forgot you had, you see it and not only realise how dope it is but also how the sentimental stuff is still there.

You recently released a video to the track XUR, can you tell us a little about the track?

XUR was an experiment for me of sorts. At a time I felt stagnant i was trying to find a way to air my frustrations about a load of things.

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What do you most enjoy most about what you do?

The silence in creating something. Even in a noisy building if you’re a designer, artist, vocalist. When you create things internal and external noise seems to dissapear for me.

What do you least enjoy most about what you do?

The politics. I get its needed in all aspects of life but I really couldn’t like  any less.


Movies, Comics or Books?

Movies for sure

If you could travel back in time and chat with a 10 year old Gen, what would you say?

Work harder.

So tell us whats in the pipeline can people expect an album anytime soon?

I’m juggling a lot of projects, I think I’m beginning to find out where my lane is in music and the other things I’m doing. A lot will be released before end of this year.

Where can people check out your music?

Thanks for your time Gen


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