Samh has been experimenting with an unusual folk-coloured sound for almost 10 years. The latest EP features a collection of instruments including 80’s keyboards, a handmade xylophone, wind-up clock chimes, soft synths and Turkish skin drums. All this accompanies his masterful guitar playing and effortlessly odd timings. Glowinglow uses textures and lyrical landscapes to conjure up the fuzzy, dreamlike moments of human existence. The songs remind you of first loves, warm summers, grassy meadows, deep conversations and the occasional spiritual transcendence.

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Oh, How It Feels Nice
Sam Hodgson – Clarinet, Keyboard, Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Vocals


We Are Not Physical

Sam Hodgson – Guitar, Bass, Synth, Vocals
Ben Wallbanks – Drums – composer
Samh, Dave Jordan + Savvy – Mix


We Have Been Here Forever

Sam Hodgson – Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Xylophone, Vocals
Ben Wallbanks – Drums -composer


Once You Were In My Head

Sam Hodgson – Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Synth, Vocals
Ben Wallbanks – Drums – sam


Completely Normal Things

Sam Hodgson – Guitar, Vocals
Rob Crisp – Guitar –  composer
Chris Ruffoni – Bass – composer
Ben Wallbanks – Drums – composer


Love Making Love

Sam Hodgson – Guitar, Vocals
Heard It Was Beautiful
Sam Hodgson – Vocals


Black Cotton

Sam Hodgson – Bass, Synth, Guitar, Clarinet, Vocals
Rod Mason – Clarinet, Flute
Monika Zlamalova – Vocals
Nigel Cudjoe – Drum Program

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