Samh – We Have Been Here Forever / Heard It Was Beautiful REMIX


Samh returns with “We Have Been Here Forever” a new single lifted from his recently released EP “glowinglow”.

Written & produced by Samh “We Have Been Here Forever” tells a tale of love & the universe a soulful dream-like trip of whimsy which makes to flashback to those long summer evenings with your closest compadres,

“you glow and so do I and we tumble down the hillside”

The lyrics depict these idyllic moments in time that we all experience in our lives that seem to be internal.  Reflecting on the work of Alan Watts and Nagarjuna the song explores the middle of existence and non-existence, never and always, everything and nothing.

The single is also accompanied by the funk fueled Remix produced by labelmate Savvy aka Asaviour who also lends a vocal duties to the track unleashing a profound yet abstract verse about intangible.. You just got to hear it!


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