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“Keeping Waves” is the second single for alt-rock band Samh from their forthcoming LP “Fat Of The Apple”

Saving Grace 3 years ago

Keeping Waves” is the second single for alt-rock band Samh from their forthcoming LP “Fat Of The Apple”. A follow up to the ferocious anthemic single “Animal”, on this offering we hear the lighter, breezier touch to band. Trance-like grooves and effervescent harmony bubbles in the undercurrent. Meanwhile, lyrics of love and sexuality glide above. Like all of Samh’s songs we hear spirituality, nature, and humanity.

“… It’s dark, it’s hopeful and just totally striking. Love this.”

Emily Pilbeam (BBC Introducing)

“A beauty in the darkness that edges into the light. It bestows a feeling emotionally that is addictive; I found myself playing it again and again.  This is something you must hear, you must listen to really hard, it demands that. This is so good it hurts.” –

Frank – Local Sound Focus

The accompanying video by award winning filmmaker Alistair Macdonald accents the lightness and landscape of the song by depicting the journey of a rubber duck’s migration home.

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The single follows up after one of the most turbulent times in the history of modern music, “Keeping Waves” was preceded by the single “Animal” which was released just 1 week before lockdown, with a slew of live days booked Samh & the labels plans crumbled right before their eyes, the now almost prophetic single “Animal”… A call to all to “Take Off Your Clothes & Realise You Are Just An Animal” A song embracing humility & humanity in these times of self obsession & materialism .

Check out the Video to “Animal”

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