Highest Frequency MINIMIX

With the Highest Frequency Comp about to drop we though we’d give you a little taster of what to expect from the full length LP

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This minimix is a preview of some of the forthcoming LP’s tracks, masterfully mixed by Therealdemo and mastered by the Saving Grace Music top dog himself, Savvy. Huddersfield’s Therealdemo is no stranger to spinning dope records. He is resident DJ for West Yorkshire events Freshkids, Funksoulnation, Catacomb and Konductors Lab, ran by Bambooman, Kellie Adams and Slobodan Kalanović. He also represents on the ones and twos for Savvy aka Asaviour both solo and as part of his live band Savvy & The Savoir Faire.

The minimix takes the listener on a journey weaved together by Therealdemo through the LP’s different moods and BPM’s. Musically, the compositions are rooted in Instrumental Hip Hop, Beat Music, Grime, Garage, Bass Music, Jungle, House, IDM, Electronica and Chill Out. Beyond the myriad labels we could conceive of, and apply, the music truly speaks in an ineffable language that can only be understood through feeling it. We invite you to come and experience the Highest Frequency positive vibrations for yourself.

The music is accompanied by pyrographic illustrations burnt on wood by Huddersfield artists Liam Canning & Max Du Bois. The signature Highest Frequency logo and graphics were created by Huddersfield’s legendary artist and fashion designer, Benaiah Matheson.

“You are now resonating at the Highest Frequency…”


The Grampian – Beginnings
DJ Dirty Little Funker – Surrounded
Atlas – Heart Of Hearts / With All Four Chambers
Myke Forte – Syncron(Eyes)
Flavor Patrol – Midnight Boogie
Wood – Proceed
Orrest – Somewhere In Here
Illumin – Onemind
Arshaw – Troppico
Lokrian – Volatile
Surreal – To Look Back In Anger
Canoe Club – A Tale Of Two Cities

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